Search Underway for Person Trapped After Sydney Explosion

Emergency services in Sydney are conducting a meticulous search for a person believed to be trapped under rubble following a suspected gas explosion that devastated a row of townhouses in Whalan, in Sydney’s west. 

Five people sustained minor injuries in the blast, including a woman in her 60s and a wheelchair-bound woman in her 70s. Both were successfully rescued from the wreckage. However, the search continues for another individual thought to be trapped beneath the collapsed debris.

The explosion, which occurred early this morning, was powerful enough to flatten the targeted townhouse and cause significant damage to nearby properties. Initial reports suggest a gas leak might be the cause, although the investigation is ongoing. Fire and Rescue NSW crews are leading the search efforts, working tirelessly to locate the missing person.

A glimmer of hope emerged when rescuers reported hearing tapping sounds from beneath the rubble. According to Fire and Rescue NSW Superintendent Ross Genders, this is a positive sign of a possible survivor. “There is still one person believed to be under the rubble,” Superintendent Genders confirmed. “At this time, all we know is that they’re alive based on the sounds we’ve heard. We haven’t been able to establish any contact yet.”

The rescue operation is delicate, with crews meticulously removing debris piece by piece to minimise further risk to the trapped person. Specialised seismic equipment has been deployed to detect any sounds or movements under the collapsed structure. Superintendent Genders emphasised the importance of caution in such situations, stating, “Our priority is the safety of both the trapped individual and our rescue teams.”

The explosion has shocked the local community, with residents expressing their concern and support for those affected. One witness, John Davies, described the scene as “chaotic,” noting, “The blast was so loud, it shook the entire neighborhood.” I saw people running out of their homes, covered in dust and debris.”

As the search continues, family members and the wider community anxiously await any updates. The cause of the explosion remains under investigation, with authorities urging residents to be cautious and report any signs of gas leaks immediately.

In the meantime, emergency services remain on high alert, ready to provide assistance and support to those impacted by this devastating event. The wait for positive news continues, with everyone hoping for a successful rescue.

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