Top Tips on How to Make Friends in Sydney

Welcome to Sydney! You’ve arrived in an entirely new country, and everything feels unfamiliar, exciting, and terrifying. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed as a newcomer, and learning how to make friends in Sydney will make you feel a little better. Meeting new people can be intimidating, but you must try something else. You will struggle to fit in. 

Why it’s important to make friends 

With new companions, you may fully explore and enjoy the city, especially if you come from various nations. However, meeting and befriending locals offers multiple benefits. 

Learn new things with people: Making new friends is necessary for living in society. Do you wish to understand everything about your new city? It is all about making friends with the locals. They will be your VIP protocol access to the best places and activities, as well as help you learn all new things or languages if necessary.

Get asked to do new activities: You may feel lonely while going abroad. A great circle of friends, on the other hand, can help you with many things. A network of friends can be quite important, whether they invite you on a weekend tour, attend functions, or connect you to a huge social circle.

Lifelong friendship: The people you meet along the journey will endure a lifetime. You will be happy you have them and that you can share your emotions and recollections of this remarkable time of your life. The sites you see and the food you eat make you temporarily happy, but the best friends give you lifetime happiness.

Life experiences: Living in a new city or abroad will guide you in your life, build your confidence and prepare you for future challenges. With the loyal or right people, you can grow together as people and take on the world. 

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How to Make Friends in Sydney

Embrace Sydney’s Outdoor Culture

Sydney’s warm climate and stunning landscapes are perfect for outdoor activities, which are fantastic opportunities to meet new people. Engage in activities such as hiking through the Blue Mountains, joining a beach volleyball game at Bondi Beach, or simply enjoying a BBQ at one of the city’s many beautiful parks, like the Royal Botanic Garden. These settings provide a relaxed environment to strike up conversations and meet friends who share your enthusiasm for the outdoors.

Join Local Groups and Clubs

One of the most effective ways to meet people in Sydney is to join clubs or groups that align with your interests. Whether you’re into books, yoga, sailing, or tech, there’s likely a community for you. Websites like offer a plethora of groups that host regular events. For example, joining a book club at a local library or signing up for a cooking class at Sydney Community College can lead to new friendships with fellow enthusiasts.

Participate in Sports and Fitness Activities

Australians love their sports, and Sydney is no exception. Participating in a local sports team or joining a gym can be a great way to meet people. Whether it’s rugby, cricket, or surfing, engaging in sports not only helps you stay fit but also puts you in touch with others who enjoy the same activities. Many community centers and sports clubs in Sydney offer classes and leagues that cater to all levels of skill and experience.

Attend Social Events and Cultural Festivals

Sydney hosts an array of festivals and social events throughout the year, which can be great venues for meeting new people. From the Sydney Festival in January to the Vivid Sydney Light Festival and the famous Mardi Gras, these events are attended by diverse crowds and provide a fun atmosphere for socializing. Additionally, attending gallery openings or film screenings often includes mingling time, giving you a chance to chat with fellow attendees.

Volunteer for a Cause

Volunteering can be a rewarding way to meet people and make friends in Sydney. By contributing to a cause you care about, you’ll connect with others who share your values and passions. Organizations like the RSPCA, Sydney Homeless Connect, or environmental groups offer various volunteering opportunities that can help you build a network while making a positive impact in the community.

Use Social Media and Apps

In today’s digital age, making friends can also start online. Social media platforms like Facebook have groups dedicated to Sydney neighborhoods or special interest groups where you can join discussions and attend meetups. Apps like Bumble BFF or Nextdoor are also popular for making friends in your area. These tools can be especially useful for introverts or those more comfortable initiating contact online before meeting in person.

Making connections with people you already know

I’ve seen that UK expats have contacts who already live in Sydney. Someone from school, high school, or university (“Uni” in Australian slang) or a close friend of a friend. I even know someone who lived across the street from a former coworker in Brighton, UK, for a year before realizing they were both waiting for the same bus in Bondi. 

With these contacts in place, it is much easier to build a social network. Even if it’s just an introduction on Facebook, which seems cheesy and stupid, it’s a great place to start.


A network of friends is an important part of adjusting to life in Sydney. At first, it is like being the new children in school. By engaging in activities you love, embracing the city’s vibrant social scene, and connecting through both traditional and modern means, you can build a fulfilling social life in this dynamic Australian city. Remember, every friend was once a stranger, and with a little effort, you can make lifelong connections.

Whether you’re new to the city or just looking to expand your social circle, knowing How to Make Friends in Sydney can transform your social life.

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