How to Tell if IGET Vape Has Nicotine

Vaping has grown in popularity across Australia as an appealing alternative to traditional smoking approaches. IGET vapes have carved out a niche in the business amid the several options available. However, consumers are often concerned about whether their IGET vape includes nicotine. This article, written specifically for an Australian audience, will guide will guide you how to tell if IGET vape has nicotine

Understanding IGET Vapes

Understand what IGET vapes are before delving into the nicotine content. IGET is a firm recognised for their disposable vape products, which are popular for their convenience and variety of flavours. These devices cannot be recharged or replenished after being used once.

Why Check for Nicotine? 

Nicotine, a natural stimulant found in tobacco, is what makes smoking addictive. In Australia, nicotine control is crucial. When used therapeutically, such as to aid in quitting smoking, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) classifies nicotine as a prescription-only drug. The rules for non-therapeutic usage, such as recreational vaping, differ.

Health Implications

Nicotine causes a multitude of health issues, the most serious of which are respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses. Knowing whether or not your vape contains nicotine makes it easier to make informed health decisions.

Legal Issues

In Australia, nicotine-containing e-cigarettes are not sold without a prescription. To avoid legal consequences, make sure your IGET vaporiser complies with local rules.

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How to Check if Your IGET Vape Has Nicotine

1. Check the Packaging

Examining the container of your IGET vape is one of the simplest ways to determine if it contains nicotine. Manufacturers must list the contents of their products. Scan the package for the following:

Nicotine Content: If nicotine is included, the container should state so, along with the concentration, which is usually stated in milligrammes per millilitre (mg/mL).

Health Warnings: Products containing nicotine typically have necessary health warnings and cautionary statements.

2. Reading the Product Label

The vape’s product label contains crucial information. It should state, in accordance with the packaging:

  • Nicotine Level: Clearly mentioned on the label.
  • Ingredients List: Nicotine should be listed if present.

3. Manufacturer’s Website

Visit the manufacturer’s website to get more product information. Most trustworthy vendors provide detailed information about their products, including the amount of nicotine. Search for:

  • Product specifications include a detailed breakdown of the ingredients.
  • User manuals occasionally offer nicotine information.

4. Contact Customer Service

If the labels and packaging do not provide enough information, contacting the manufacturer’s customer service can be helpful. They can offer the following:

  • Direct Information: Verification of nicotine content and presence.
  • Clarification on Ingredients: Extra components that may be in the vaporiser are clarified.

5. Analysing lab reports from third parties

To vouch for the content of their vapes, numerous manufacturers provide external lab findings. These reports are often published on the manufacturer’s website and include:

Results of Nicotine Testing: A thorough study revealed the presence of nicotine.

Information on purity and safety: ensuring that the vaporiser is free of harmful substances.

6. Observing Physical Signs

While not always reliable, some body indicators can indicate the presence of nicotine: 

  • Throat Hit: Nicotine can irritate or damage the throat in a noticeable way.
  • Taste: Nicotine-containing vapes may taste different, sometimes similar to pepper.

What happens if information is not available?

When no information on the nicotine content is available, it is safe to assume that the product may contain nicotine. This is especially true if you purchased the item from an unapproved dealer.


Determining whether your IGET vape contains nicotine is critical for both health and legal considerations. Examine the label, read the product information online again, or contact the manufacturer to ensure you understand what you’re inhaling. Remember that if you are using vaping to quit smoking, speaking with an Australian healthcare expert may provide advice tailored to your individual situation. 

If you are aware and observant, you can enjoy vaping while also complying with Australian legislation and protecting your health.