Teenager Injured in Violent Carjacking Attempt in Adelaide

An 18-year-old was rushed to hospital after defending himself from an alleged carjacking attempt outside his home in Adelaide’s eastern suburb of Rostrevor on Wednesday night. The incident unfolded near the corner of Lindsay St and Highland Ave, drawing multiple calls to the police from concerned residents.

According to South Australia Police, the altercation began when the suspect, also 18, approached the victim as he was getting out of his car. The suspect allegedly punched the victim multiple times and demanded the vehicle. Despite sustaining head injuries, the young driver managed to fight off his attacker.

Residents reported chaotic scenes, with the injured victim seen banging on neighbors’ doors seeking assistance. Shen Yuem, a local resident, recounted how the distressed victim arrived at her doorstep asking for help.

The victim’s mother, Vishaka Varandani, provided a harrowing account, stating that her son had been punched approximately 40 times during the altercation.

Police apprehended the suspect, who was allegedly armed with a knife, shortly after the incident. He was charged with aggravated robbery, assaulting police, and illegal interference. The accused was refused bail and is set to face the Adelaide Magistrates Court on Thursday.

This incident has sparked discussions about safety in the area, with residents expressing concern over the increase in violent crimes. Local residents are encouraged to stay alert and promptly report any unusual or suspicious activities to the police.

As the investigation continues, the focus remains on the victim’s recovery and the legal proceedings against the accused.

Source: 7news